Who are we ?
My name is Trine, and I am 40 years old. I am by education a Technical Engineering Assistant but today I work as a Marketing Assistant.
I live with my husband Lars, that has 2 girls, we se everyother weekend, and together we have Daniel who was born on new years evening 2008.

My spare time is spent with our child, our house, garden and offcourse the cats. I use to sit in the board of Danish Siamese & Oriental Ring (, but with an active 3 year old, I have decied to take a break from boardwork.

Tøsen and I
Vi bor i et dejligt nybygget hus i et parcelhusområde iyderkanten af Horsens, og hvor vi er der er kattene også. De færdes frit i huset, og sover også i soveværelset.

Der er en stor have til huset, og størstedelen af den er ved at blive indhegnet så kattene også kan komme lidt ud, som de kunne der hvor vi boede før. Kattene er dog kun ude under opsyn, men de synes det er herligt at få lov at gå på opdagelse, spise græs, fange insekter mv....

Vi har valgt at gøre det på den måde, fordi vi gerne vil føle os sikre på at der ikke sker kattene noget - der er mange farer for fritgående katte, og vi kan simpelthen ikke holde ud at tænke på hvis der skulle ske dem noget.

The garden seen from above
How it all started!
I have always had animals…..Dogs/cats/birds – off course co-owned with my parents. When I moved away from home, it was naturally for me that I should have an animal…..A few years went by though before economy and surroundings were good enough.
My first thought was that I wanted a Labrador dog, but due to different circumstances, that thought was dropped again, and I ended up deciding to by a cat.

Since my parents had often brought me to fieldtrials and dog exhibitions, there was no doubt in my mind, that I wanted a purebred pedigree cat – and preferably for showing. On the other hand, it was much more of a coincidence that I ended up choosing the Orientals.

Baby, "my" lovely "half"persian, that stayed with my mom, when I left home

In a newspaper some Siamese kittens were advertised for sale, and since my father and stepmom on a 2 years stay in Africa had once owned a Siamese (or rather....they were adopted by a siamese with unknown parents), I thought it could be fun to go an se the kittens.

From thought to action is not very long, and I made an appointment with the breeder. My surprise was big though when I saw that some of the kitten had colour ALL OVER THEYR BODY. I asked the breeder if the kittens were mixed breed, but she laughed off course and explained to me that these kittens were Orientals.

"Kattekismus" - and me as a child. The picture is from Africa, 1981

One of the kittens – a small redspotted one – was a bit shy. But it was love at first sight…I just had to own him. One oriental is just not enough, so it didn’t last long, until he had gotten company from Siggi (Ch. & EP. Player’s Mosaik, OSH f) - a tortie oriental, 1½ years old, and already neutered when I bought her.

With these two cats, a couple of shows and a lot of talking to other breeders followed, and it didn’t last long, until I had contracted the famous "wanting to breed virus". For breeding you definitely need a female that isn’t neutered, so therefore I bought Sjange (Player’s Jeanne d´Arc, OSH b)........And with her came the beginning of Piltoft’s Oriental & Siamese Cattery.

Bastian & Siggi...2 that loves each other :-) :
About my breeding!
My Cattery name I received in 1994, and in the summer 1995 the first Piltoft’s litter was born. The mother was my above mentioned Sjange (Player’s Jeanne d´Arc), and the father was EC. Sepp…a well-known stud at the time. My first litter consisted of 1 ebony girl, and 2 chocolatespotted boys.
I kept the girl (GIC. & Pr. Piltoft’s Asian Pearl, ORI n) for further breeding. One of her brothers went to live with my mother, and the last one, Affe (Pr. Piltoft’s After Eight) was supposed to get sold, but he kind of got stuck here, and he’s still her……a sweet mamma´s boy :-)

Sjange with the first Piltoft´s litter

Since then more cats has become family members, and some we have had to say goodbye to due to old age or illnesses.
I keep my retired breedingcats, because I don’t like the thought of ”throwing them away” when I can no longer use them in breeding. They are first and foremost our beloved pets, and secondly they are for showing and breeding. With that in mind I always have to be careful not to buy or keep to many cats, even though it is very tempting to keep a kitten from every litter ;-)
I therefore don’t have very many litters – 1-2 each year, and when we have kittens we try to spend as much time with them as possible, since one of my priorities is to breed healthy, happy and harmonic kittens that enjoys being around people.

Some of the cats, enjoying themself in the bed :-)

Even though I now own a siamese, I still consider myself primary as an Oriental breeder – and it will also be within this breed, that I will put my strength in the future. To reach my goals in breeding the kind of cats that I wish to breed, I also breed to Siamese, but as before, I will primary be keeping Oriental females also in the future, when I decide to keep a kitten.
I breed primary in the colours black, chocolate and tortie – and I prefer the solids……a beautiful cat with a glossy, closelying coat and sparkling green eyes…..could anything be more beautiful than that?

Trine Piltoft

Tøsen on a catshow