WW15, C. Piltoft's Once in a Lifetime, JW, OSH f25

Ticky is a daughter of Lessie's first litter. She was the only girl in the litter, and I never had any doubts that I was going to keep her.
From she was very little she had amazing looks and temperament, and she did very well on shows. She got her junior Winner title fairly quickly, and in the autumn 2015 she attended the World Show and became World Winner 2015 youngster.
We are SO proud of our sweet Ticky and she is a joy to us every day.
We plan to mate her during summer 2016, and can't wait to se her kittens

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GIC. (N) Manhunter's Less is More, JW, DSM, OSH f24

Lessie is a daughter to our stud Manse (IC. Piltoft's Tamborine Man JW, OSH d24) - he did a mating at Manhunter's, and actually I never thought about taking a kitten back from this mating, untill I recieved pictures of Lessie. I fell in love, and since her breeder had decided to keep her sister, she became mine. I have have not regretted this decission. She as a beautifull, loving and happy little girl, that sleeps in my arms every night.

Thank you Pernille, for this treasure !

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